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We will survey any building or structure using the range of RICS approved reports.

There are three basic forms of survey which are a Condition Report, which is a simple reflection of minor defects which are described in brief terms.  This sort of report is usually best suited for new build properties or ones that are probably less than ten years old.

The Homebuyers Report covers properties which perhaps have a range of problems which need analysis although; this type of report confines itself to modern construction which is typically from the early 1920s onwards.

Lastly there is the Buiding Survey which is an in-depth analysis and covers all ages of buildings and in any condition.  It aims to put you the buyer in a position of knowing what defects exist, the likelihood of other related defects which can arise and some of the drawbacks with the type of construction observed.

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We are a specialist firm accredited by the RICS for valuation work.
We undertake work for mortgage purposes and deal with most of the well-known banks. This is a privileged position and gives us a great insight into future mortgageability. We can value both commercial and residential properties.


If you are thinking about building your own house or perhaps gutting an old property you have just bought, then we are the people to talk to!
It is important that the work is covered by the right form of contract and that the work proposed is accurately priced and most importantly that unforeseen changes to the project can be fairly accounted for and that you are not faced with unexpected rising costs.


We cover a wide area of legal work to include professional negligence, expert witness reports, lease renewal and rent review.
The firm is currently undergoing appraisal by the RICS to become accredited providers of expert witness reports.